About us

Craig Dean School of Design

Craig Dean School of Design (CDSD) is a South London based mentoring scheme specialising in Graphic Design.

Our aim is for the advancement of education by empowering young people to achieve success in education and beyond!

We understand the pressure on young people in todays society and believe with our experience of this and the design industry, we can empower underachieving Students through #creativementoring and pastoral care.


#CreativeMentoring is the bespoke design and delivery of creative workshops and tutorial programmes in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Not only do we teach the skills, but we encourage students to explore their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding through our dynamic workshops.

We believe #creativementoring has the potential to enhance confidence and performance in your students from all types of backgrounds.

Creative jobs are the most populated type of work in the UK

Our programmes aim to provide each participant with creative DIST*

  • Development: Progression for the student’s creativity being directed in a productive way.
  • Insight: Knowledge on creative job opportunities and guidance on their strengths for industry purposes.
  • Skills: Process of finding creative solutions to problems through creative thinking and experimenting.
  • Training: Tutorial programmes on Adobe creative suite – the most commonly used software in the creative industry.

88% Graphic Design graduates are employeed within 6months after graduating

There are many proven benefits of mentoring:

  • Increased academic results
  • Future employment opportunities
  • Improved performance at School and Home
  • Decreased chances of depression, drug and alcohol use
  • Enhanced self esteem and confidence
  • Craig’s teaching is 5/5. I would definitely do it again.
    Sasha, 14 - St Andrews High School
  • Teaching was great, because Craig knows how to include and give help to everyone.
    Nana - St Andrews High School
  • Fun,interesting and Very Inspiring I would recommend to all my friends
    Eleanor, 14 - St Andrews High School